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Frequently Asked Questions

What will drum polishers work on?
     Aircraft, Airstream trailers, Trailers, Cars, Boat exteriors, Semi Trucks,
Tanker Trucks, Painted and polished metals

How much air is required for the tools?
     20 to 35 cubic feet per minute for the Long Arm and Short Arm buffer.
The requirements for the Auto Detailer:  10 to 17 cubic feet per minute.

What are the benefits of drum polishers?
      They are much more productive than car buffers.  They leave no swirl marks.  Drum buffers greatly reduce the heat associated with polishing

What types of pads do drum buffers use?
     Drum buffers have 3 different types of pads.
Wool: for heavy cutting
Combo: for medium cutting and to reduce the track lines from wool.
Cotton: for light cutting and to give a chrome-like finish.
Several grades of foam pads designed for drum polishers.

Are drum buffer pads reusable?
     Drum buffer pads are washable and in combination with RC line of polishes will last several washes.

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