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Buffing Polishes

RC800 is a green cutter polish for aluminum. It will remove heavy oxidation and produce a high gloss. The RC 800 is now Boeing D6-17487 & AMS 1650C Certified.

RC320 Plus cutter is a water-based polish for removing light corrosion and small scratches and will produce a high gloss. The RC 320 Plus is now Boeing D6-17487 & AMS 1650C Certified.

RC1000 is a very fine water-based cutter polish which can be used on aluminum or paint as needed to remove very light oxidation.


Jet Wash is an aircraft cleaner that is used to remove dirt, oil, grease, carbon and light oxidation. It can revive some old paint. This cleaner is applied with terry rags by hand, working into the surface, allowing it to dry and remove with terry cotton rags or with a drum buffer.

Aircraft Sealant is a sealer for paint and aluminum. It seals and protects the surface from acid rain, ultra-violet light and reduces carbon build up.

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